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Primary Contact : Gary Picket      W3GLP    1.661.588.3885        

Alternate Contact : Rob Schutte    W6FVO   1.214.693.8853


Earn your Ham Radio License

 Hill Country Amateur Radio Club  HCARC

VE Ham Test Information Site


Obtaining your Amateur Radio License involves several easy steps and HCARC is here to guide you through these steps.  There are a couple of requirements before we start. 
  1. Have an e-mail account.  Your e-mail provider does not matter but it is necessary because this is the way the FCC will communicate with you. 
  2. Apply for and acquire a Federal Registration Number (FRN).   This is obtained through the FCC and is free.  This will be your number with the FCC.  Once acquired and assigned it will be used for any further licensing such as advanced amateur radio, GMRS etc.
  3. Obtain and fill out the NCVEC Quick-Form 605 Application.  This can be done at the testing session or with a fill in PDF provided on this site.

 There are pages listed to the right that will guide you through the FRN step as well as provide the fill in and printable NCVEC Quick-Form 605 Application.  If you use the supplied application form, print it out and bring it with you to your testing session.

There are also two fees, nothing is really free.   

  1. The ARRL testing fee is $15.00 payable at your test session before you take the test.  If the applicant is under 18 the fee is $5.00 . Cash or check preferred.
  2. The FCC fee is $35.00.  This fee will be collected by the FCC before your license is issued. If the applicant is under 18 the $35 fee is reimbursable. After the test is completed the results will be sent to the ARRL VEC and uploaded to the FCC.  Once the FCC gets it they will notify you via YOUR E-MAIL, and provide you with instructions and a link to submit this fee. You will then be able to print out your license.

BTW  the FCC no longer provides a hard copy of the license like they used to. If you would like a hard copy there are several commercial sites that can provide this for you .. is one ...


OK .. Lets Go !!

 (see the pages listed on the right)